Svetlana Leveton

Oleg's Wife


Female Human Expert 2


Svetlana and her Husband, Oleg, moved into the Greenbelt about a year ago. She works as a cook, innkeeper, and sometimes even shop-keep at the trading post, and often has to be the voice of reason despite he husband’s stubbornness.

Thus far Svetlana has proved to be invaluable to the party, not only providing them with well cooked and hearty meals while they stay at the trading post, but she has also nursed Dallas and Aya back from frostbite and pneumonia after they got stuck int he coldsnap on the 6th of Pharast 4710. After hearing about the radish patch that Dallas and Eres had stumbled on (C9) she has asked if they might be able to get her a basket of the moon radishes for a stew for Oleg.

Svetlana Leveton

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