A Heavy Sword

Wealday, Pharast the 3rd of 4710

Our heroes awoke to a grim task, the interrogation of prisoner, and potential for execution. While Emaunt proved to be unhelpful and callous, the young boy, Adwic Havish, proved to be more than willing to leave behind his life of forced banditry in order to keep his head. Dágen set him up with Oleg to work for his keep at the trading post. Adwic told Dágen and Dallas the appoximate location of the bandits’ camp, and that their leader, Kressle, served another bandit going by the title of Stag Lord.

Jame’s Character carried out Emaunt’s execution for his crimes, beheading him. his body now hangs along with the other bandits on the trading post palisade, his head adorning a spike as a warning to any other bandits that are thinking about bothering the fort.

That evening five guards from Restov arrived in response to Oleg’s request. their leader, a man named Kesten Garess, despite being too late to despair the previous day’s attackers, decided that the company would guard the fort until they are needed elsewhere.


Nichodemus Nichodemus

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