A Good Start

Moonday, Pharast the 1st of 4710

After arriving at Oleg’s Trading Post, four adventures (and a bird) had almost no time to relax before being confronted head on with the Greenbelts lawlessness. Oleg’s request for help from Restov has thus far gone unanswered, and with the bandits coming to collect their protection fee for the month of Pharast, our heroes step up to the challenge. The Bandit collection party was quickly and skillfully dispatched, leaving three killed in the fight and two, a boy named Adwic and a man named Emant captured.

OIeg and his wife, Svetlana are more than happy to open their home to their heroes, hoping that their presence will not only provide further protection, but that they my be able to rid the Greenbelt of the bandits once and for all.


Nichodemus Nichodemus

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