A Cold Day

Oathday, Pharast the 4th of 4710

After a hearty breakfast the charter bearers decided that they would be able to cove more ground in their search for the Thorn River Bandit Camp if they split up, Tillian and Dágen heading west and Eres, Aya and Dallas traveling south.
While traveling to the south, Dallas mapped some of the northernmost reaches of the Nalmarches (C9), discovering a radish patch with some Kobolds that the trio avoided. After resting for the night, they proceeded farther south into the hilly Kamelands (D10), keeping notes of the terrain. After dealing with some aggressive wildlife, Eres found a hidden crack in a crag, that turned out to be a small cave with an untapped gold vein. Once again, the group hunkered down for a cold night in the cave, and awoke to an even colder day. The temperature had plummeted overnight, Dallas showing the signs of early frostbite, Eres packed up the horses and the three started the long journey back to the trading post. As the bitter cold continued to test Dallas’s endurance, it eventually proved too much. With the battlemage drifting in and out of consciousness, Eres was now on a clock, and it wasn’t long before her Roc also succumbed to the freezing temperatures.
During the same period, Dágen and Tillian were heading west, north of the Nalmarches (B8), before heading into the forest (C7) and discovering a riverbank brimming with stinging nettles and thick briers. While exploring the woods, they found themselves ambushed by several mites and a giant hunting spider. The two found themselves overwhelmed when someone or something seemingly intervened on their behalf. Dágen woke to find himself and Tillian lying in a glade alone, and only after thoroughly checking himself did he find that his spellbook had been all rewritten in Sylvan. The pair ended up camping for the night before heading out of the forest (unfortunately their impromptu nap got them turned around and headed in the opposite direction then they intended) where they were able to regain their barrings, and decided to head back to the trading post. Tillian spent the next day attempting to train his new horse for combat to no avail, while Dágen spent most of the cold day next to the fire in the Leveton’s house talking to their latest tenant, Jhod Kavken, who had a rather odd quest for the team.
Late in the afternoon, Eres rode up the hill to Oleg’s with Dallas and Aya in tow, unconscious and cold, but still alive, if only barely.


Nichodemus Nichodemus

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